Friday, January 8, 2016

Paragravity film's Clock Anti-clock project won many awards in 2013

The team spent an year in researching and planning of the shoot before making a 6.5 minute science thriller. The film won Best spot film and Best Direction award at Chaya 2013. The film was also part of IDSFK Kerala 2013, National Science film festival 2013, Cologne 1X Germany, Toyama film festival Japan and a few others in India.

Synopsis: Our lives, knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes get stuck in some timeframe because of some object, incident or desire. We cannot come out from that loop without identifying the reason. So happened with protagonist.

Film can be viewed on Youtube:

The Cast:
Rohit Kapoor

The Crew:
Writer, Director and Producer - Deepak Sharma
Editor - Sanjib Nath
Cinemetography - Prahlad Patel
Sound and Music - Anand Prakash
Production - Paragravity films in association with SN Films
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